Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

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Date(s) 04/14/2023 - 04/16/2023
Host Austin American Statesman
305 S. Congress Ave.
Austin, Texas 78704
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First, the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin showcases one-of-a-kind truly hand-built motorcycles. And in 2023 the Handbuilt Show will again be held at the Austin American Statesman (a newspaper company) off South Congress. In addition, this bike show is on the 2023 LightningCustoms.com Major Motorcycle Rallies List.

Next, the Handbuilt Show in Austin started as a culture of physical craftsmanship. And in today’s world the mass-produced world few young people are taught how to do physical work. Also, few are encouraged to embrace a trade, there remains a universal attraction to the beauty that can only be formed by human hands.

So, this Austin motorcycle show features craftsmen that combine knowledge, skill, and ingenuity to create one-of-a-kind truly hand-built machines. Notably, there will be 150 motorcycles of all eras, makes, and models.


2022 Handbuilt Bike Show in Austin

As always, the three-day Handbuilt Motorcycle Show will be held in Austin. And it has been hosted by Revival Cycles since 2014. Also, there are approximately 25,000 attendees each year.

Noteworthy, the Handbuilt Show is a showcase of works from builders and craftsmen. These bike builders have the knowledge, skills, and ingenuity to create one-of-a-kind hand-built motorcycles.

Also, the exhibitors include motorcycle displays, lifestyle by the customs’ culture, and local and live art. Plus, there will be music, outdoor activities, drinks, events and activities.

Now if you are a professional motorcycle photographer or just like taking pictures, the Handbuilt is a show you need to get to. And this is because there are antique to new bikes. Also, there are all makes and models of motorcycles.

On sale now are tickets for the Show at https://revivalcycles.com/pages/handbuilt-show-tickets. Finally, the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is open to all ages.


2021 Handbuilt Show Info

As of now the 2021 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin will happen in November. But the dates are not known yet. Next, the 2021 Hand Built Show will the 7th annual event. Again, it will be held at the Austin American Statesman. If you aren’t familiar with the Austin Statesman, there is both a huge parking lot and a large indoor area.

Starting off the Show is the Handbuilt Show Kickstart Party. And it will be held at The Castle at 1111 W. 11th Street on Thursday from 7pm to 10pm.

Then on Friday through Sunday is The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show at the Austin American Statesman. And the address is 305 South Congress Avenue. Next, the hours are on Friday from 6pm to 12am, Saturday from noon to 12am, and Sunday noon to 6pm

At the Show, you will see all different makes and models of classic to antique motorcycles. And we are not just talking a few cool bikes on display, but the entire area will have some of the coolest bikes you will see at any show. If you want your bike in the show you can submit pictures and information.

And then on Sunday there will be The Handbuilt Show Builder / Wrap Party at Revival Cycles Workshop. And this is located at 5305 Bolm Road in Austin.

Also tickets are available now for $15 for one day or $40 for the entire three day bike show. Importantly, with your ticket you can attend both the pre-party and wrap party.

Another entry option is a Hand-built Show Supporter Badge. And this gets you three-day skip-the-line access at the Statesman. Also, you get 25% discount on all merchandise, access to the supporter bars, and three drink tokens.

Note, the Handbuilt Show does not have vendors. But there are food trucks. Also the Motorcycle Show is family-friendly with kids 12 and under getting in free.

For motorcycles there is a lot of close in parking at the Austin Statesman. Then for cars they can park at the TX DOT parking lot next to the Statesman. But it better to use a ride share app company to get you there.

** Finally, two major motorcycle rallies in the region are the ROT Rally in Austin and Lone Star Rally in Galveston.


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