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Advertising & Promotion Options

  1. Advertising Square Banner on the Side of All of Our Pages – You get the ad and regular posts on our https://www.facebook.com/lightningcustoms, which has over 210,000 bikers and motorcycle enthusiast fans. As you know, Facebook allows larger banners and product or event pictures in the middle of its pages. We are not saying that smaller ads on the side of sites don’t bring value. However, the larger and more centered Facebook ads increase visibility and engagement.
  2. Facebook Promotion -If you are only interested in having us do Facebook posts and shares, this is another option we offer on our Facebook page.
  3. State Calendar and Event Banner – If you want to target a particular area or want to add on specific events, we also offer this option.
  4. Social Media Management – If you have a Facebook and need help managing and promoting it, we can help. Most people don’t know about the higher-tech paid ads on Facebook, or they don’t know how to create them to get maximum ROI. And we are not just talking about a “boost” of a post or simple “targeted ad” where you can target by demographics. These higher-end ads get a lot better engagement, bringing more value.
  5. Search Engine Optimization – We have done this for many biker-world household names with huge success and can do the same with your product or event site.

If you are interested or have questions, please email us at Sales@lightningcustoms.com.   

Updating Event Information

If you need to update or cancel a motorcycle event on our calendar or if you are having trouble submitting an event, contact us via the above email address.

Now, back to checking out motorcycle rally information. A good place to start is with our 2024 list of the Largest Motorcycle Rallies in the US, which has all the largest events in one place. Another page to check out is our calendar of motorcycle events, which has what is going on across the United States.

In addition, you might want to check out six of the largest motorcycle rallies: Sturgis Rally, Daytona Bike Week, Laconia Motorcycle Week, Bikes Blues BBQ in Fayetteville, Lone Star Rally in Galveston, and Leesburg Bikefest in Florida. Also, one of the most popular articles is on the 2024 ROT Rally.