Laconia Motorcycle Week

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Date(s) 06/12/2021 - 06/20/2021
Weirs Beach
Laconia, New Hampshire 03249
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The 2021 Laconia Motorcycle Week will be the 98th year of the rally in New Hampshire!  Now before we go into the rally’s information, sadly  on Christmas day there was a fire that left the Motorcycle Week’s office as a total loss.

Next with how long the Laconia bike week has been happening it is no surprise that it is the “Oldest National Motorcycle Rally.” In addition, Motorcycle Week is one of the three national motorcycle rallies (the other two are the Sturgis Rally and Daytona Bike Week). Furthermore, the Laconia bike rally is on the LightningCustoms.com’s Major Motorcycle Rallies List.

History of the Laconia Bike Week

Next here is some of the history of Laconia Motorcycle Week. In 1916 a couple hundred riders held a small event in Weirs Beach. And over the following years the main events at the biker rally were the racing and hill climbs.

Then in 1923 the Loudon Classic Race became an official event on the Gypsy Tour. If you are not familiar with the phrase “gypsy tour” it was a Federation of American Motorcyclists (this is the original name of the American Motorcyclist Association) term. In short this is the word the we call a “rally” today.

Now if you fast forward a number of decade, Laconia Motorcycle Week is now one of the biggest and best motorcycle rallies in the United States.

What is going on at Motorcycle Week?

Below are just some of the things that will go on at the 2021 Laconia rally. To start with, even still today both the racing and hill climbs are a big part of the Motorcycle Week. Next, if you are looking for races you need to check out the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. And if you want to check out the Hill Climbs the big location is in Gunstock for the Pro / Ams.

Now rally-central for the Laconia bike week is on the Boardwalk on Lakeside Ave. in Weirs Beach. But that being said there are attractions happening across the region. One thing you need to enjoy is the beautiful riding scenery in the Laconia area and in the Lakes Region.

In addition, some of the other attractions at Motorcycle Week include gypsy tours, bike shows, and motorcycle rides. Other events during the Laconia motorcycle rally are bands, poker runs, custom bike builders, displays, contests, and swap meets. As with any of the larger motorcycle events, there will be a lot of manufacturers and tons of vendors. Also there are a lot of special events at Laconia dealerships, bars, and other venues.

Finally, most of the rally is free, but there are some venues with fees.

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