Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom

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Date(s) 05/28/2023
Washington, District of Columbia
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The 2023 Rolling Thunder XXXV Ride for Freedom will be the 35th annual motorcycle ride. As mentioned below, in 2020, the Rolling Thunder Ride in DC changed. Due to the cost, logistics, and expenses, it is now held nationwide.

Although numerous smaller motorcycle rides exist, the POW-MIA ride is still on the LightningCustoms.com Major Motorcycle Rallies list.

Next, the reason why the Ride for Freedom started was to publicize the POW-MIA issue. Importantly, the DC motorcycle ride began to educate the public about how many POW-MIA. Also, it started to protect future Veterans from being left behind.

Finally, to find a motorcycle Ride for Freedom near you, check the LightningCustoms.com rally calendar.

2022 Rolling Thunder Ride Information

Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is a non-profit organization, and everyone donates his or her time because they believe in the POW/MIA Issue.

Here’s the information on the 2022 Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom. But first, here is an important note about the Ride. Historically riders have met for the official Rolling Thunder at the Pentagon in DC. And then, riders would travel to the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

2020 Ride Changes

But in 2020, the longtime organizers of the Official Ride for Freedom in DC said it would not happen. And their reason noted was because of the high cost and logistical issues. This made it no longer feasible to hold Rolling Thunder in DC. Subsequently, there are now numerous smaller motorcycle rides across the country.

Now pre-2020, the Ride for Freedom had around 500,000 attendees for the demonstration ride. But we do not have a good estimate on the total number of attendees at all the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rides in 2021 across the country. But because of the event’s history and mission, the Ride is on LightningCustoms.com’s Major Motorcycle Rallies List.

Next, there has always been some confusion with the various names of rides. For instance, there have always been various events with similar names Ride to the Wall, Ride for the Wall, Run for the Wall, etc. Historically these were rides for those traveling to the Official Ride for Freedom held in DC on Memorial Day.

But still, the primary purpose of the various Rolling Thunder motorcycle rides stays the same. And the purpose is to demonstrate the need to account for our POW-MIA. Another goal is to help prevent further military members from being left behind.

Finally, on the LightningCustoms.com motorcycle events calendar, you will find the different Rolling Thunder Rides across the country listed as available.


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