Lone Star Rally

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Date(s) 11/04/2021 - 11/07/2021
Strand Street & 23rd Street
Galveston, Texas 77550
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Contact Name Sherry
Phone 617-866-9199

Galveston attracts around 400,000 people each year for the Lone Star Rally. And with the Galveston Rally’s attendance it is by far largest bike rally in the state. It is noteworthy that even though Texas is huge there are not many motorcycle rallies that get even 20,000 attendees. So year after year the Lone Star Bike Rally is on the LightningCustoms.com’s Major Motorcycle Rallies List.

Now it is not uncommon to not know the various locations at Lone Star because they are on opposite sides of Galveston Island. Now the main area for Lone Star is are on and around Strand Street in downtown Galveston. Then the second largest location is on the other side of the island Seawall Blvd. Finally, the third largest location is the parking lots that run parallel to Strand Street off of Harborside Drive.

Lone Star Galveston Rally Attractions

Next, at this time the 2021 Lone Star Rally’s schedule of attractions are still in the planning stage. But that being said, there are a number of events that happen annually at the Galveston Bike Rally:

Riding down the Strand Street where there is a constant parade of motorcycles
Riding on Seawall Blvd., which scenic view of the Gulf of Mexico
Motorcycle shows
Bike build-off
Car and Slingshot shows
Multiple guided motorcycle rides
Live music from a nationally known band
Bike builders
Big-rig displays
Motorcycle giveaway
Hundreds of vendors

Also there are a lot of indoor and outdoor bars and restaurants in downtown and along Seawall to visit.

In addition, there is a trolley for attendees. It goes from The Strand to Seawall Blvd. on 25th Street.

Next, a lot of the attractions at the 2021 Lone Star Rally are free. But some of the rides might have fee. And there are VIP packages available at the Lone Star bike rally.

** Finally, another Texas motorcycle event you might want to read about is the ROT Rally.