Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

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Date(s) 08/04/2023 - 08/13/2023
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Sturgis, South Dakota 57785
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First, below is the 2023 Sturgis Rally information. Included is a history of Sturgis and information on the events and attractions. Also, there are South Dakota motorcycle laws. Finally, there are the Sturgis motorcycle helmet laws.

Next, we will regularly update this page because of how important the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is to riders. Specifics have not been announced. But for now, here is more about the rally and what happens at the Sturgis.

History of the Motorcycle Rally

First, without a doubt, Sturgis is the Mecca for bikers. In addition, the Sturgis Rally is also one of the three national rallies. And the other two national biker rallies are Daytona Bike Week and Laconia Motorcycle Week. Also, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is on LightningCustoms.com’s Major Motorcycle Rallies List each year.

Next, here is a quick history of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. In 1938, “Pappy” Hoel began an event. He used the name the Black Hills Classic in Sturgis. Interestingly the race only had nine riders and a small number of attendees.

Eventually, there was a change in the name from the Black Hills Classic to the Sturgis Rally. Over the following decades, Sturgis has become the premier biker rally in the World.

What Happens at Sturgis?

So what is going on at the 2023 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Simply put, everything you have ever heard of that happens at a biker rally goes on at the Sturgis Biker Rally. First, there are the rides in the Black Hills region. For instance, some famous rides are Devil’s Tower, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Custer State Park.

In addition, there are endless top-shelf attractions at the main venues at the Sturgis bike rally. And the main venues are in downtown Sturgis, the Broken Spoke, the Buffalo Chip, and the Full Throttle Saloon. Also, many events are held around the entire Black Hills region. And this includes the famous Sturgis bars, dealerships, and other venues during the rally.

Next is a partial list of things happening at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Some events will include music from top-name bands, the biggest and best motorcycle shows, bike build-offs, and motorcycle racing. Also, there will be the chance to visit the Sturgis Museum & Hall of Fame.

In addition, there are group rides, poker runs, field events, biker games, tattoo contests, stunt shows, contests for the ladies, and tons of partying. Also, big rig setups by the largest motorcycle companies, lots of displays, and endless vendors exist.

Because there are so many venues with many events, you will need to check out their websites for details. And those sites will also have a complete list of events happening. Finally, the fees for different Sturgis biker rally venues and events vary.

Sturgis Motorcycle Laws

Sturgis Helmet Laws – In South Dakota, if you are over 18 years old, you do not need to wear a motorcycle helmet. But the South Dakota motorcycle helmet law does require riders under 18 years old to wear a DOT helmet.

Eye Protection – Eye protection is the law while riding during the Sturgis Rally or anywhere in South Dakota. There are two options: 1, glasses or goggles, or 2, a windshield high enough to protect the rider’s eyes. Note – Only clear sunglasses can be worn after dark.

South Dakota Passengers Seat Laws – If you’re going to have a passenger at the Motorcycle Rally, they must have a seat. Riding on a fender is not allowed in Sturgis or South Dakota.

Riding Side-by-Side – It is illegal to ride side-by-side in SD.

Lane Splitting – You cannot lane split anywhere in South Dakota.

Here are more details on the South Dakota motorcycle laws you should know for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally https://sdlegislature.gov/Statutes/Codified_Laws/2054730 and https://southdakotarides.com/motorcycle-safety/laws/


What happened at the 2021 Sturgis Rally

The official announcement of the 2021 Sturgis Rally dates has happened. Now there usually are a lot of unknowns for all biker rallies. But with Covid, there are even more unknowns.

Because of Covid, there could be some unusual and new laws during the motorcycle rally due to Covid. But things improved at the 2021 rally in Sturgis.

Although up to 700,000 riders were expected to attend the Rally, only 525,000 riders made it. Note that this number of attendees is from the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

Obviously, 525,000 bikers attending the 2021 Sturgis Rally is still a solid number.

But the attendance was not what organizers hoped for. But it was still a great turnout for the Rally.

And the attendance was great. And this is because the 525,000 attendees were over 10% larger than what it was at the 2020 biker rally. Notably, in 2020 the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attracted around 460,000 attendees.

Next, the Sturgis officials’ response to the 2021 biker rally’s first weekend was encouraging. Ang, this is because attendance numbers were some of the largest in years.

So, all in all, the 2021 Sturgis was a success. Riders got out to ride and attend the Rally. Also, vendors were able to sell. Finally, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally generated some $800 million in sales for the local economy.

The opening ceremony was another good thing that happened at the 2021 Sturgis Rally. Note the opening ceremony was skipped in 2020 because of Covid. And in 2021, Jody Perewitz was the Sturgis ceremonial grand marshal.

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