Motorcycle Events in Wisconsin

Below is the LightningCustoms.com’s Wisconsin motorcycle events calendar. And you can find information on WI biker rallies, motorcycle rides, and other biker events. Next, the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is one of the major motorcycle events in WI. In addition, there are larger banners on the majority of the Wisconsin motorcycles rallies and events. And we do this to get you better information. Also, details can change at the last minute. So it is good to check the event listing before you leave. Finally, to find biker rallies outside of Wisconsin just go to our US motorcycle events calendar.

Upcoming Motorcycle Rallies & Events

Easyriders Bike Shows

01/01/2025 - 01/01/2025 - Agoura Hills, California

First the Easyriders Bike Shows did not happen in 2020 / 2021. Next as you have most likely heard the 2019 / 2020 Easyriders Motorcycle Shows also did not happen. But, the company sold out to some fashion guys from Beverly Hills!!  And it gets even worse, the new owners want to make the iconic […]

Major Rally

Easyriders Rodeo

08/19/2025 - 08/21/2025 - Fowlerville, Michigan

First, the 2021 Easyriders Rodeo Tour was comprised of only the Fowlerville and Chillicothe motorcycle rodeos. But there are much bigger problems with the company. And that would be the new hipster owners are from Melrose / Beverly Hills. Seriously, I’m not joking. This is who now owns all the Easyriders assets. And the question […]

Major Rally