Easyriders Rodeo

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Date(s) 08/08/2027 - 08/14/2027
Host Fowlerville Fairgrounds
Fowlerville, Michigan 45601

Article by Revolution Motorcycle Marketing

First, the 2021 Easyriders Rodeo Tour comprised only the Fowlerville and Chillicothe motorcycle rodeos. But there are much bigger problems with the company. And that would be the new hipster owners are from Melrose / Beverly Hills.

Seriously, I’m not joking. This is who now owns all the Easyriders’ assets. What will happen to the iconic biker brand, Magazine, and the Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeos & Shows?

Before Easyriders was sold, there was a long time when there were no announcements. And there was nothing about the Rodeos or Easyrider Bike Shows. Plus, there were disappointingly few posts even on the Easyriders Facebook pages.

So, things were going downhill. And the reason is that both Easyriders and their events have fallen apart over the years. Next, things became so bad that the Magazine closed in 2019.

Easyriders’ New Owners

But then it was announced who the new owners are. And they are hipsters with no experience in the biker-world. Instead, they have experience in Beverly Hills fashion. And this was a really bad signal of where the Easyriders Rodeos, Motorcycle Shows, and Magazine were going.

Next, the company quickly fell apart. First, without any announcement the magazine just went out of print overnight. Then, there were a very limited number of customer responses about where their Easyriders Magazines or their money were.

Also, Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeos in Bloomsburg, Fowlerville, and Chillicothe were canceled. So now there was no magazine or events. Instead, there was just a bunch of overpriced apparel.

So we researched to find out what was going on with the company and the Rodeos. We have found that the Easyriders Rodeo Tour in Bloomsburg, Fowlerville, and Chillicothe will focus more on RUBs and hipsters. The new owners are switching everything (including the Motorcycle Rodeos) away from bikers.

Bad News for the Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo Tour

Now, let us get back to what is happening with Easyriders and the Easyriders Rodeo Tour. As noted, one day, out of the blue, the Easyriders Magazine’s website suddenly shut down. Not only was this bad news for the subscribers, but it was also bad news for the Motorcycle Rodeo Tour fans.

In addition, there were no notifications to either current or new subscribers. So, these people had no idea that what they paid for or were about to pay for would soon be discontinued. Next, one day, the Easyriders’ Facebook pages (including the Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo page) and the company’s other website fell silent.

Then, in a BikerNet.com article (1), it was stated that all of Easyriders was sold. Also, this article says that one of the new owners runs a “clothing shop on Melrose” in Beverly Hills.

In addition, the article says that one of the new owners had “never heard of Michael Lichter.” This was strange since Lichter was an employee of Easyriders Magazine for decades.

Furthermore, Lichter is the most famous photographer in the motorcycle industry. So, if the new owner does not know who Lichter is, how can he know about bikers or the spirit of the Easyriders Rodeo Tour?

Easyriders Future

Next, the “About” section of the Easyriders’ Facebook page (2) mentions part of the company’s new direction. It says that the new publication will be a “coffee table-style” quarterly book.

Also, the article states that the book will have “gorgeous photography.” In addition, “boutique venues” are where the new “magazine” will be sold. I’ve never been to or know where a boutique venue is. One of my thoughts is that this does not sound good for the company or the future of Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo.

Then, on www.WWD.com, there is an interview with one of the new owners of Easyriders. It says that the new publication will be “… like a GQ for bikers …” I thought, WTF?? I’ve never even heard these two words used in the same sentence.

So, this brought another question to mind about the 2021 Easyriders Rodeos in Chillicothe, Fowlerville, and Bloomsberg. Will the event be a yuppie, hipster, and RUB Rodeo? This is a real possibility since the company is trying to be more “inclusive.”

Then things went from horrible to just a train wreck. The company also owns the rights to David Mann’s art. Apparently, “… socks and underwear …” might soon have the Easyriders’ name and Mann’s art on them.

Easyriders Rodeos Focus

So, with all of the above, the company and Rodeo Tour will not focus on bikers. But it is not a surprise that the Easyriders Rodeo’s name will be used for marketing purposes. From all of the above, it is clear that the Easyriders we have known for decades are dead.

Note, the 2021 Easyriders Rodeo Tour is NOT on the Major Motorcycle Rallies List as an endorsement… not at all. It is listed for updates on the Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo Tour and the Magazine.

Finally, can the Easyrider Rodeo Tour even deliver for the RUBs with all the above problems? We must wait and see at the future Fowlerville and Chillicothe Easyriders Rodeo Tour.