Easyriders Rodeo Tour

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Date(s) 01/02/2022
Agoura Hills, California

In 2020 there will be events using the Easyriders Rodeo Tour name. Included in 2020 are the Fowlerville, Bloomsburg, and Chillicothe Easy Riders Rodeo Tour. However the Rodeos might not be at all what you think … not at all. In particular, Easyriders and their events fallen apart over the years. Additionally, there have been recent drastic changes that resulted in the Magazine closing.

After reviewing all of the changes it seems like the 2020 Easy Riders Rodeos (Bloomsburg, Fowlerville, and Chillicothe) will be geared more towards RUBs, yuppies, and hipsters. Specifically, the focus of the Rodeo Tour being on bikers seems to be over.

Here’s the schedule for the 2020 Easy Riders Rodeos:

  • Bloomsburg Easyriders Rodeo
  • Fowlerville Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo
  • Chillicothe Easyriders Rodeo

Bad News for the Easryiders Motorcycle Rodeos

Now let’s get back to what is going on with Easyriders both in general as well as with the magazine. Most likely you’ve heard that Easyriders Magazine site suddenly shut down one day. In addition, there were no notifications to current or new subscribers that the magazine they had paid for or were going to pay for would soon be discontinued. Next, one day the Easyriders Facebook pages (including the page related to the Motorcycle Rodeos) and the company’s other websites fell quiet.

Eventually it was stated that Easyriders was sold in a BikerNet.com article (1). Also in the article it says that one of the new owners runs a “clothing shop on Melrose.” Yes, in Beverly Hills.

In addition, the article states that one of the new owners had “never heard of Michael Lichter.” Obviously this is strange since Lichter was employed by the Easyriders’ Magazine for decades. Furthermore, Lichter is the most famous photographer in the motorcycle industry. If the new owners don’t know about Lichter than do they know the spirit of the Easyrider Rodeo?

Later in the “About” section of the Easyrider Facebook page (2) we saw part of the company’s new direction. In particular the new publication will be a “coffee table-style” quarterly book with “gorgeous photography” and sold in “boutique venues.” Now one of our many thoughts was that this doesn’t sound good for a biker-style Easy Riders Rodeo in the future.

In addition on www.WWD.com there was an article with an interview of one of the new owners of Easyriders. The new publication will be “… like a GQ for bikers …” WTF in general?? Also we asked ourselves what will the 2020 Easyriders Rodeos in Chillicothe, Fowlerville, and Bloomsberg be like? Will it be a yuppie, hipster, and RUB Rodeo? It sounds like this might be a real possibility.

Then things went from bad to worse. Both the Easyriders name and infamous art of David Mann owned by the company “…for socks and underwear…” Finally, the new CEO of Easyriders is an “apparel manufacturer.” Another new key hire is a restaurant owner.

What’s Happening to the Easyriders Rodeo?

All things considered it sounds likely there will not be much of anything biker-like at the 2020 Motorcycle Rodeo Tour. However the name Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeos is going to be marketing.

Now from the above it seems to be pretty clear that the Easyriders as we’ve known it is dead. Next, one interesting thing at the 2020 Bloomsburg, Fowlerville, and the Chillicothe Easyriders Rodeos will be the reaction of a GQ yuppie wanna-be meets his first drunk, naked old-school biker (funny).

Especially important to note is that the 2020 Easyriders Rodeos are NOT on the LightningCustoms.com’s 2020 Major Motorcycle Rallies List as an endorsement … NOT at all. And actually to the contrary, the purpose is to get you information on what is going on with the Easy Riders Rodeo Tour and the Magazine.

Finally, can the Easyrider Rodeo Tour deliver even for the RUBs with all of the above problems and the drastic changes??