Easyriders Bike Shows

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Date(s) 01/03/2027 - 01/08/2027
Agoura Hills, California

Author – Revolution Motorcycle Marketing

First, the Easyriders Bike Shows did not happen in 2020/2021. Next, as you have most likely heard, the 2019/2020 Easyriders Motorcycle Shows also did not happen.

But the company sold out to some fashion guys from Beverly Hills!! And it gets even worse: the new owners want to make the iconic biker magazine more like a GQ magazine for “bikers.” And even more nails in the Easyriders’ coffin are that the Shows, Rodeos, and Magazine are now all-inclusive.

Demise of Easyriders Events & Magazine

So here’s what was going on with Easyriders around December of 2020. One day, without any announcement, there was very little activity on the Easyriders Events Facebook page.

Next, over the last couple of years, there have only been two Easyriders Magazine during this period. Now, you add that there are not many posts on the magazine’s Facebook page, and the future of the Easyrider Bike Show tour is uncertain.

Even worse, in 2019, the iconic Easyriders Magazine shut down. And with this announcement, an important era in the biker world was over.

Here is some of what is happening with Easyriders and the motorcycle shows. First, over the last decade, the motorcycle industry and the rally world have declined. Unfortunately, the Easyriders Bike Show and Motorcycle Rodeo Tour, the Magazine, and the rest of the company followed this trend.

Then, in 2019, the wheels fell off the company when the iconic Easyriders Magazine website (www.easyridersmagazine.com) shut down. And then, next, the domain name was up for sale. So, things were not looking good.

Next, here’s a quick overview of the rise of Easyriders. First, Joe Teresi and others founded the company in 1970. Over the following decades, the company grew to include many magazines and other ventures. Then, years later, the Easyriders Bike Shows and Motorcycle Rodeos began.

What happened to Easyriders?

Over the years, the wildly successful company fell apart. In particular, magazine sales and the attendance at the Easyriders Shows and Rodeos were declining. Then, the number of events held each year was also cut down.

Years later, the Teresi Dyno Drags were no longer at events. Next, a rumor was that Easyriders did not own their apparel line.

Then, some of the long-time Easyriders employees left the company. Notably, these were some of the people who made the company so successful over the decades.

Next, in 2018, the announcement was that what was left of Easyriders (including the Easyriders Bike Show and Rodeo Tours) was for sale. Eventually, the new yuppie owners from Beverly Hills bought the remnants of the iconic American biker brand in 2019.

So, could the Easy Riders situation get any worse? Yes, and it did.

And part of the answer to what was going on was in an article by Bandit on BikerNet.com. His article states that THE infamous photographer Michael Lichter was let go. Yes, Lichter was a huge part of Easyriders for decades and was kicked to the curb. In addition, Bandit’s article stated that both Dave Nichols (the editor of Easyriders Magazines) and Beatnik were also gone from the company.

So what is left of Easyriders? The biggest thing left is the company’s trademark.

Easyriders Magazine and the Events’ Future

There are still a lot of questions. One is, what is going to happen with the remains of Easyriders? Another is what is going on with the Easyriders Bike Show Tour and Motorcycle Rodeos? Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone knows the answers.

From what is on the Easyriders Facebook page and internet rumblings, there might be different events and various ventures with the iconic name slapped on them. However, the company will never be the same with the above problems.

Furthermore, we keep the Easyriders Motorcycle Show Tour on LightningCustoms.com’s Major Motorcycle Rallies List, not as a recommendation. We do not recommend them at all.

This is because we always avoid recommending any event with a lot of instability and/or huge unknowns. And in the case of Easyriders, there are both of these problems. So, the only reason why the Bike Shows and Rodeos are still on the Major Rallies’ List is to keep you updated on what is going on with Easyriders.

Finally here are some more UPDATES on what is going on with Easyriders and the Easyriders Rodeo Tour. Included is more information on who owns Easyriders and what is happening on with the company.