1929 Excelsior-Henderson KJ Streamliner

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First, a number of years ago, we were at the Handbuilt Show in Austin, Texas. One of the coolest motorcycles we saw was a 1929 Excelsior-Henderson KJ Streamliner.

Next, here’s some background on the Excelsior-Henderson company. First, in 1911, William and Tom Henderson started the Henderson Motorcycle Company. In 1911, they released their prototype.

Then, in 1912, the Company came out with a 57 cubic inch, in-line four-cylinder with seven horsepower. Over the years, there have been a lot of improvements, races won, and records broken. In 1917, the brothers sold the Henderson Motorcycle Company to Ignaz Schwinn. He was the other of both Schwinn bicycles and also Excelsior motorcycles.

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So, where did the Henderson brothers go? Well, up until 1920, they worked for Henderson-Excelsior Motorcycles. In 1920, they started a new company called Ace Motorcycle Company.

In 1929, the Excelsior-Henderson Streamliner model came out. It was often referred to as the KJ. Next, this new model motorcycle had over 50 new features and upgrades. Also, it was capable of going 100 mph. The KJ model was made in 1931. Unfortunately, as with many motorcycle companies and all other types of companies, it did survive the Great Depression.

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