Blessing of Bikes in Baldwin

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Date(s) 05/21/2023
S M-37 Hwy
Baldwin, Michigan 49304
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Contact Name Gill
Phone 800-800-6034

In 2023, the Blessing of the Bikes in Baldwin, Michigan, will be the 51st annual event. Every year this bike blessing attracts some 40,000 attendees. And it is also on the LightningCustoms.com Major Motorcycle Rallies List.

And it isn’t just the gigantic Blessing of the bikes; more is happening. In addition, there are vendors from across the country. More details will be added as they are made available.


2022 Blessing in Baldwin Info

In 2022 the Blessing of Bikes in Baldwin Festival will be the 49th annual event. Note the motorcycle festival starts on Friday and goes through Sunday.

Next, vendors from all across the country will vend all over Baldwin. The Blessing of the Bikes will be held at the airport on Sunday. And the gates open at 9 am. Next, the donation is $5/per motorcycle and not per person.

And some 40,000 people are attending the Baldwin Blessing of the Motorcycles.

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2021 Baldwin Blessing Info

In 2021 the Blessing of Bikes in Baldwin and Festival events will be held in May. And the Festival will be held from Friday to Sunday.

And as you probably know, there is more than just the Bike Blessing. For instance, there is a lot more going on: vendors from across the country, food, and camping.

Then the Blessing will be held on Sunday at the airport. Gates will open at 9 am and 1:15 pm. The Baldwin Blessing of the Bikes fee is a $5 donation. And the Blessing starts at.

** Finally, you can see what else is happening on our motorcycle events calendar.


Baldwin Blessing of Bikes Videos