Las Vegas Bikefest

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Date(s) 09/30/2021 - 10/03/2021
Host Las Vegas Events Center
200 S. Third Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
More Info Official Website
Phone 866 245-3337

First, Las Vegas BikeFest (LVBF) did not happen in both 2020 and 2021. One reason it didn’t happen is because of Covid. And another reason why Bikefest in Vegas did not happen is because there are new owners.

Next, since there are new owners there will be changes in 2022. Subsequently, the best information we have one the 2022 Las Vegas rally is what would have happened in 2021.

So, Las Vegas is one of the best party destinations in the United States. For instance, there are the casinos, clubs, bars, strip clubs, and of course The Strip. Now when you add in thousands of bikers for the Las Vegas Bike Fest things can get even better. Also, the Las Vegas Bike Fest is also on the 2021 LightningCustoms.com Major Motorcycle Rallies List.

What’s going on at Las Vegas Bike Week?

In addition to what the city has to offer there are a lot of special events just for the Las Vegas Bike Fest. Note, at this point the official event schedule is not out. But here are some of the traditional things that happen at the bike week. First, at the Vegas motorcycle rally there are a lot of special gambling events. For instance, there are poker walks, poker run, biker bingo, and a cash fun run.

Also, at the Bikefest in Las Vegas there are a lot of contests. For example, there is a bikini, tattoo, and best facial hair contest. And of course, you don’t want to miss the 2021 Miss Las Vegas Bikefest contest.

Next, two other big draws at the bike fest are the flat track racing and multiple motorcycle shows. Although there are bands, they are not big-name acts. For instance, at the 2019 Vegas Bike Fest Steel Panther was the headlining act. Finally, there is a big shopping spree giveaway, motorcycle giveaway, and vendors at the bike week in Las Vegas.

Next, there is a wide range of reviews on the Vegas Bike Fest. As seen on the LVBF Facebook there are a lot of attendees who are not happy. And the most frequent comments are that the entry fee and cost of drinks are too high.

Also, some people seem unhappy with the regional bands. Another complaint is that there are not enough attractions or vendors inside the official areas. But there are also others who seem pretty happy with the Bikefest.

Hogs & Heifers Saloon during Bikefest

Next, Hogs & Heifers has become one of the biggest and best things to check out during Las Vegas Bikefest. Over the years it has become such a big attraction that some years it has been a separate event – Rally in the Alley.

Also, there are some good things happening at Hogs & Heifers during Bike Fest. First, there are 20 plus hot bartenders dancing on the bars. Next, there are three bike shows, tattoo artists onsite, 30 vendors, and food trucks.

Now here is some good news about Hogs & Heifers during the rally. And this is that there is NO Admission Fee, motorcycle parking is FREE, and the cost of drinks is reasonable.

Finally, the Rally in the Alley is notable because a lot of people are opting to not go into the official Las Vegas Bike Week location. Instead, these people go to enjoy everything the city has to offer. And then they just go to Hogs & Heifers, but they skip the Las Vegas Bikefest.