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Lightning Customs Bike Rallies Info

Welcome to Lightning Customs' Motorcycle Rallies info website! We provide information on Biker Rallies and Events including our annual Major Bike Rallies and Motorcycle Events List as well as our All Size Motorcycle Rally Calendars.

Major Motorcycle Rallies Lists

The 2014 Major Motorcycle Rallies List is live (it is frequently updated as we get info from event promoters) and so you can see what went on last year since our 2013 Major Biker Rallies List is still live. To make the lists more user-friendly next to the name of the Major Rally there are abbreviations for the state and month they occur in.

Major Biker Rallies Format

On each of the Major Bike Rallies pages we have an easy-to-use format where you can find the motorcycle rally's location, event schedule, attractions, map to the event, contact info, and a link to find hotels. On these rally and event pages we also have flyers to give you more information and videos for you to check out.

All Size Bike Rallies Calendar

In addition to having the only list of original information on the Major Motorcycle Rallies we also have a focused all size Motorcycle Events Calendar. We say "Focused" because we only list motorcycle rallies and events (no promotions, open houses, demo fleet announcements, dirt bike races, or weekly or bi-monthly listings) to make it easy for you to navigate through so you can get back to riding.

Above the national event calendars there are state abbreviations that are linked to a state's rally and event calendar. On both our national and state calendars you can find the basic info for each of these events and rallies in chronological order and once you click on an event there is more detailed information. If you are interested in having your bike rally or motorcycle event listed just go to our Bike Rallies Submission Page.

Featured Motorcycle Events

Check out the entire 2014 Major Motorcycle Rallies List and our Featured Bike Rallies:

Johnstown Thunder in the Valley

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Daytona Beach Bike Week
Laconia Motorcycle Week
Bikes Blues and BBQ Motorcycle Rally
Lone Star Rally

Thanks for using our site and ride safe!