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2015 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
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Sturgis Biker Rally

Sturgis, South Dakota
August 5 to 11, 2013

Sturgis Rally General Info

Simply stated, Sturgis is the Mecca for bikers, and hopefully you will be able to experience the rally more than once in your life. The Sturgis biker rally is one of what we refer to as the "Big 3" rallies (the others are Daytona Bike Week and Laconia Motorcycle Week), and it is on the 2013 Lightning Customs' Major Biker Rallies List.

The Sturgis rally all started in 1938 when the "Pappy" Hoel (the founder of the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club) started promoting a very small racing event. Now, the Black Hills rally has grown to be the premier Harley rally in the world and attracts hundreds of thousands of bikers each year to the Sturgis area.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Attractions

Besides riding down the historic Sturgis Main Street there are tons of scenic rides for you to experience like the ride to the Badlands, Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Black Hills National Forest, and the Crazy Horse Memorial. Keeping with the tradition of racing, there are various distance races, hill climbs, drag racing, short track racing, and other racing events.

Motorcycle manufacturers, parts and accessory manufactures, major distributors, and other major players have big rig setups and since it is Sturgis they will have the biggest and best displays of the year.

The Sturgis rally attracts celebrities and top name bike builders, has bike shows, top name bands, rides, exhibits, demo rides, stunt shows, plenty of contests for the ladies, other biker contests, the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame to visit, and tons of vendors. This happens at various venues in Sturgis and the infamous biker bars venues like the Buffalo Chip and the Full Throttle Saloon.

Sturgis Rally Venues and Bars

There are endless events and attractions at the rally (way more than we can be list in a format that is user-friendly), so below is a partial list of some of the major Sturgis bars and venues for you to checkout to find the events and attractions that you want to check out.

Large Sturgis Venues
Buffalo Chip
Full Throttle Saloon
Broken Spoke Campground and Saloon

Other Popular Sturgis Biker Bars:
The Knuckle Saloon
One Eyed Jacks Saloon
Loud American Roadhouse
Roscoz Bar
Side Hack Saloon

Sturgis Bike Week Other Info

-MORE INFO: Sturgis Rally and Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce Websites
-CONTACT: 605-720-0800 or
-MAP TO: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
-HOTELS: Book Your Hotel Now

sturgis motorcycle rally

Sturgis Overview Video

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Buffalo Chip Video

Sturgis Rally - South Dakota Motorcycle Laws You Need to Know About

Motorcycle Laws at Sturgis to be Aware of
-Every motorcycle must be equipped with at least 1 but no more than 2 headlamps.
-The handlebars of a motorcycle must be no higher than the shoulder height of the person operating the motorcycle.
-All persons under the age of 18 must wear motorcycle safety helmets that are approved by the Department of Transportation.
-A person riding in an enclosed cab attached to a motorcycle does not have to wear a safety helmet.
-A motorcycle operator must wear an eye protective device unless the motorcycle is equipped with a windscreen of sufficient height and design that protects the motorcycle operator. When headlights are required to be on, a motorcycle operator cannot wear protective eye devices that are tinted or shaded to reduce the light transmission of the device below 35%.
-Motorcycles must have at least 1 tail lamp, which when lighted emits a red light visible for a distance of 500 feet. A motorcycle may display a blue light of up to 1-inch diameter as part of the motorcycle's rear brake light.
-Motorcycle helmets are required for riders under 18 years of age.
-Noise Limits: Every motorcycle must at all times be equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise.

Other Important Laws While Going to or at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Trailer Laws
-65 mph on secondary highways except where posted and 75 mph on interstate except where posted.
-In addition to the regular trailer hitch or coupling device, every trailer that is towed on the public highways at a speed of more than 20 mph must be coupled to the towing vehicle with a safety chain, chains, cables, or an equivalent device. This requirement does not apply to a semitrailer having a connecting device composed of a 5th wheel and kingpin assembly that meets the requirements of the Interstate Commerce Commission.

-No prohibition on wearing of headsets while driving
-Radar detectors are permitted

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