Timonium Motorcycle Show

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Date(s) 02/07/2020 - 02/09/2020
Timonium, Maryland
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First, the Timonium Bike Show will not happen in 2020.

Next, there are a lot of questions regarding the different motorcycle shows held in Timonium. Subsequently here are the differences between the shows.

1. The “Timonium Motorcycle Show’s” founder is Rich Kohles. And it was held from 2003 to 2018. And their site was http://cycleshow.net/.
2. The “Timonium International Motorcycle Show’s” founder is Jam-On Productions. And their site is https://internationalmotorcycleshow.com/.
3. The “Baltimore International Motorcycle Show’s” is a Jam-On Productions show. It also appears that this is new name for their show held in 2020. And their site is https://internationalmotorcycleshow.com/.
4. The “International Motorcycle Shows” / “Progressive International Motorcycle Shows” are the popular, longtime traveling motorcycle shows. And their site is https://www.motorcycleshows.com. Also, the International Motorcycle Shows are not held in the same Timonium.

Next, the reason why the 2019 “Timonium Motorcycle Show” (http://cycleshow.net ) did not happen is on their site. An overview is that both Rich Kohles and a key staff member have medical issues. Furthermore, it says the Show again in 2020 will not happen.

That being said in 2020 the “Timonium International Motorcycle Show” / “Baltimore International Motorcycle Show” will be held. And the 2020 Show dates are in February.

In addition, the Timonium bike show is on the LightningCustoms.com’s Major Motorcycle Rallies List in 2020 to give them time to regroup. However, we do not have it on our list to recommend or to criticize the Show. Instead, it is there to help get people information on what is happening with the Show.

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