Keep Them Alive Ride and Rally

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Date(s) 09/18/2021
Host Capital Grounds
1723 Commonwealth Ave
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
More Info Official Website
Contact Name Beth
Phone 570 534 2854

The Keep Them Alive Ride and Rally is the most important motorcycle run Pennsylvania has ever held. We need you there to communicate our resolve and frustration with the status quo.

Organize your fellow riders and like-minded cage drivers to come to Harrisburg rain or shine for this IMPORTANT event. Politicians need to see voters who care enough to show up-care enough to vote about their stance on the issue.

We have reserved the Capitol Steps as our stage. Our friends at Am Legion Post 927 are working with us. This is the first ever Veteran Suicide Prevention Rally. 22 Veterans a day are being lost to suicide or self-harm and this is something we can no longer tolerate.

Studies vary on the exact number, some say as low as 17 some say as high as 24. The commonly accepted number is 22 Veterans a day. None of those numbers are acceptable. It is time for the voice of the people of the common wealth to be heard in the Capital. We want change and expect our politicians to find more effective approaches to Veterans Suicide prevention.

Join us on the Capital Steps at Noon for the peaceful Keep Them Alive Ride and Rally to hear experts speak on the topic of changing this epidemic tragedy. We will present our plan for organizing the focus areas and make people aware of our approach.

Help us roar for the world to hear at exactly 1400 hours or 2pm. We will be heard, we will have a better plan of attack and we will not stop until the number is more in line with civilian suicide rates.

PA made safety green the shirt color of choice for this day when they passed HR 780 in 2018 making Pantone 395 the official awareness color for Veterans in the war at home.

Time your arrival to be in front of the Capital steps by 1145 so our speakers can start promptly at Noon.

We encourage financial support of an organization helping prevent Veterans suicide from your group. If you do not have one you are familiar with please consider supporting the Veterans Unstoppable War to Peace Transition Center. We are building here in Carbon County PA. Carbon County has the highest Veteran Suicide rate in the state.

Watch for event page posts out lining our proposed prevention focus areas and details about our Veterans Unstoppable program.

Please share this post as frequently as possible. Please tag your friends and invite everyone you think may be willing to attend. This is a more is better event.

Contact Beth at (570)534-2854 by text to provide her the size of your anticipated rider group. We will need to reserve more space on capital grounds if we anticipate too large of a crowd to fit on the steps.

Thank you, the Vets salute you!!