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2013 Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride

Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride

Chattanooga, TN to Florence, AL

The Trail of Tears Remembrance Motorcycle Ride organized by the Trail of Tears Remembrance Association, Inc. will NOT be held in 2014 or in the future. The below letter is from the organizer Trail of Tears.

"The End of the Trail" of the Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride (No ride this year or in the future)

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the Trail of Tears Remembrance Motorcycle Ride, I want to announce that we are at the End of the Trail for our annual charity motorcycle ride. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for 20 great years and your support of our organization as we remembered those ancestors forcibly removed from their homelands in the east to what is now present day Oklahoma.

Because of you, our riders, and our sponsors, over the 20 years we have provided thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to needy Native American children, placed Historical Markers in many areas along the Trail and in Oklahoma, marked new trails, and made donations to other educational projects. We have fulfilled the goals and mission of the organization and feel proud that we accomplished more than what could have been imagined when we first began this journey. It has been my honor to lead the ride every year.

I want to thank each and every board member, volunteer, sponsor, and rider for helping us achieve these awesome acts on behalf of such a deserving people.

We still have some of the official memorabilia that we will make available on the TOT website until sold through.

Bill Cason, Ride Leader and Originator
Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride NOTE: a lot of other memorial events and rides have been canceled. Subsequently, make sure you check with a Trail of Tears event organizer to make sure they are still holding their ride or other event.

PRE-Discontinued Announcement Info is Below

Trail of Tears Ride General Info

The annual Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride commemorates the forced relocation of American Indians in the 1830's where many of them suffered from the elements, starvation, disease, or died (4,000 Cherokees alone died) on the forced march to the designated areas. The 225 mile motorcycle ride begins in Chattanooga, Tennessee and ends in Waterloo, Alabama. The Trail of Tears Ride is on the 2014 Lightning Customs' Major Motorcycle Rallies List.

Ride Other Info

-CONTACT: Jim Dunn at 877-868-8747 or
-MAP TO: Chattanooga, TN (Starting Point)
Book Your Hotel in Chattanooga, TN
Book Your Hotel in Florence, AL

trail of tears ride

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