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Submit a Motorcycle Event

Submit your Biker Rallies, Motorcycle Rides and other Motorcycle Events through the below form.

Motorcycle Rallies Submission Info

To submit your event, just fill out as many of the fields as you can, and with the details you want people to know about. You can also add a full-size flyer or banner for your motorcycle-related event for free. If you have a video that you’d like to add to your bike rally’s or motorcycle event’s listing, just put the video’s url into the “Description” field then click submit.

After we have reviewed your submission, your listing will be on our chronological Calendar of Motorcycle Rallies across the United States. If your event is listed on the 2018 Major Biker Rallies, you can also submit additional information about it below. To you get more attendees to your motorcycle event, you can share your listing onto Facebook or other social media sites.

Please Read Our Guidelines on Getting FREE Publicity, Posting a Flyer and/or a Video, Linking Back to Us, and Other Guidelines Below this Form.

Motorcycle Events Submission Form

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Event Image: (.jpg only 2MB Max size)

General Guidelines

1. NEW: Link to us! Each week we randomly select bike rallies & biker events that have a link to our site and share them on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lightningcustoms/), which has 248,000 Fans. Use the email below if you have questions about linking to our site.

2. For Faster Event Approval:
-Please put a link to our site on your site or your Facebook page.
-Include the date of your motorcycle event in the Description white box. This allows us to quickly confirm that the dates you entered are accurate.

3. Uploading Images and Fliers:
-For rallies and events with motorcycle related websites, please link to us.
-It is always FREE to upload flyers, logos, or videos for your motorcycle event.

4. Naming Your Image: Please name the image with less than 15 letters.

5. What Events We Can List: Biker Rallies, Bike Weeks, Bike Fests, Motorcycle Shows, Swap Meets, Poker Runs, Toy Runs, Charity Rides, Memorial Rides, and More.

6. What Events We Cannot List: Weekly or Bi-Monthly Events (sorry we do not have the capability to put these in an organized format), and what boils down to promotions (like “Learn to Ride”, “Demo Days”, “Open House”, etc.). Sorry, but it makes it hard for our visitors to find other events.

7. If your Motorcycle Event Information Changes or is Canceled: Please email us at SFlores@LightningCustoms.com

Video Requirements

It's FREE to add your event’s flyers and videos! We now post videos for a number of reasons. First, our visitors asked for it. Second, so people can get more information on a rally or event, which will help them get to events that they will really enjoy. Third, so promoters can get more information to people on their motorcycle event.

An added benefit for both promoters and possible attendees is that you will have all of the motorcycle rally or biker event information, details, flyer or logo, and video all on one page. This should help you avoid having to click around on many different sites.

For the benefit of the visitors to Lightning Customs here are the guidelines:

1. Videos that can be posted:
-Promo videos
-Preview or review videos of an event
-Major attraction at an event

2. Motorcycle Rally & Event Videos that cannot be posted:
-Where the camera is shaking or constantly moving (most often from a helmet or handlebar camera, when someone is walking with a camera, or the video is filmed on a cell phone).
-Where there is a lot of scanning from the side-to-side or up and down.
-They must be rated G to PG.

3. Video Requirements: They need to be posted on YouTube, Vimeo or another video sharing website.

4. How to let us know: If your videos meets the above guidelines, just paste the web address where the video is located into the below Description box. We will review the videos and make them live.

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