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Motorized Ice Chests

Next time you go to rally don't go without a motorized cooler. These electric scooter ice chests keep your beverages cool and riding scooter coolers are actually a lot of fun.

Your 500 watt scooter ice chest will go about 13 mph, you get between 10 and 15 mile before you need to charge them, and your scooter is fully charged within about 6 hours. The motorized cooler only weighs about 60 pounds so you can put it in the back of your vehicle.

scooter coolers
Ice Chest Scooter

Half of the inside of the motorized ice chest is the engine and the other half is the cooler, so you can hold about 24 of your favorite 12 ounce beverages plus easily put six pounds of ice. If you opt to purchase an ice chest without an engine that you tow behind your ice chest scooter you can get an addition 48 twelve ounce cans plus an additional twelve pounds of ice.

The motorized scooter coolers are great to transport you, your beverages, other items and even a friend between campsites from your vehicle and different attractions at the rally. Although some rallies do not allow ATVs we are unaware of any motorcycle events that do not let you ride a motorized ice chest.

Once you ride motorized ice chests you will wonder why you never got one sooner because of the convenience and the fun.

scooter ice chests
Electric Scooter Coolers

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