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Due to some concerns expressed about the performance of the product, see the TCB Brake Systems website and read their own concerns, disregard the below review that we did years ago.

TCB Motorcycle Brakes

Do you remember doubting if ABS brakes for cars worked when they first came out? Now you know how important they are to your safety. The TCB brakes upgrade for motorcycles is the same, and they have and will save a lot of lives; maybe yours or your loved ones.

As you are aware, if you brake too hard you can dump your bike and if you don't brake hard enough you risk running into the object that you are trying to avoid. This upgrade is an alternative to motorcycle ABS systems and can help with the above common causes of accidents.

During normal stopping, what happens is your brakes prematurely lock on the natural high and/or low spots on the brake rotor. We are not talking about warped rotors, as all rotors are not perfectly smooth once you have braked a few times as grooves form because sand and grit from the road get pressed between the pads and rotors. A Traction Control Braking unit introduces a shock absorber like affect and allows your pads to float and/or drag over the high and low spots on the rotors.

In an emergency situation even the most experienced riders will often grab their brake lever or step on their pedal too hard which frequently leads to a dangerous situation. Although an ABS system is a significant improvement, in some ways, if you are on wet roads or in a turn, even brief brake locking can lead to an accident.

Other drawbacks of antilock motorcycle brakes are that they are only available on a limited number of new models and cost over $1,000. The great thing about the TCB is that it fits on almost all existing motorcycles and it only costs $79 a wheel.

Do some searches to get other people’s input as this might be something you want to try out.

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