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There have been a number of recent concerns expressed on the TCB site, so please disregard this review done a decade ago.

Motorcycle Accessories

The Motorcycles Accessory and Safety Products industry now has the revolutionary Traction Control Brake Systems (TCB).

The Aftermarket Braking System is essential and not because it makes motorcycles look cooler. It is because System most important innovation since motorcycle helmet. This is a big claim, and the reason why is simple, it can help you avoid accidents and almost all motorcyclists can benefit from them. Unlike motorcycle anti-lock brakes that are available only on a handful of newer models and that are an expensive option, the Traction Control Brakes can bolt onto 95% of existing bikes and costs only $79 a wheel!

As you are aware, if your wheels lockup, and especially if they lock at high speeds, you stand a good chance of crashing your bike. The advantage of this new motorcycle safety product is they can help avoid premature locking of your brakes. Brakes naturally lock on the high and low spots on the rotor, but the System acts like a shock absorber. With them installed the brake pads float over the high and low spots on the rotor. An additional benefit of the TCB is that it gives you increased feedback in your brake levers and pedal.

To learn more, go to the Traction Control Brakes website.

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