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2013 Petersons Key West Poker Run
2012 Key West Poker Run

Phil Petersons Key West Poker Run

Key West, Florida

September 18 to 21, 2014

Phil Petersons Poker Run General Info

Phil Petersons Harley Davidson throws their annual Poker Run in Key West Florida on the third weekend in September. There are a lot of various size motorcycle events in Florida and this poker run will attract around 10,000 attendees. The city of Key West blocks off an 8 block area of Duvall Street to allow attendees to be able to park their motorcycles and enjoy the festivities. Petersons Poker Run benefits charities (including the Diabetes Research Institute) and is on the 2014 Lightning Customs' Major Motorcycle Events List.

Poker Run in Key West Attractions

Riding from different locations during the Poker Run is one of the best attractions because of the scenery and you also have other rides like on Seven Mile Bridge where you see the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other side. Other attractions include hanging out at some cool Tiki hut style bars, the custom bike show, and of course the top ten poker hands get to chance to play one hand of Texas Holdem where the winner gets to choose from a new motorcycle or cash.

Phil Petersons Poker Run Fees and Other Info

-MORE INFO: Key West Poker Run Website
-CONTACT: 305-235-4023 or
-MAP TO: Phil Petersons Key West Poker Run
-HOTELS: Book Your Hotel Now

phil petersons key west poke run flyer

2013 Key West Poker Run Video

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