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2014 Black Bikers Week
2013 Black Biker Week

Black Bike Week/Atlantic Beach Bike Fest

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
May 22 to 25, 2015

Black Biker Week General Info

Black Bike Weekend, also known as the Atlantic Beach Bike Week, is held each Memorial Day and encompasses the area from Atlantic Beach to Myrtle Beach. In 2014 there was an unfortunate incident that ended in a Black Biker Weekend Violence Ends in Deaths. The SC Governor Calls for an end to Black Biker Weekend and the Mayor wants it to continue, but is open to increasing law enforcement. As of writing, October 5, 2014, the event has not been canceled, so with hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists showing up annually, the Black Bike Weekend that is on the 2015 Lightning Customs’ Major Biker Rally List.

Black Biker Weekend Attractions

The Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week is the largest event for black bikers, but if you like bikes, women, and parties it doesn't matter what you ride, if you ride, or of what ethnicity you are. In addition to bikes and hot women during the rally there is live music, tons of parties, packed beaches, adult contests, and a lot of people just having a good time.

Black Bikers Week Fees and More Info

-MORE INFO: Black Beach Bike Week site and Black Biker Week Online
-FEES: A lot of it is free because there are no official grounds, but there are going to be entrance fees to some parties, concerts, and other events.
-HOTELS: Book Your Hotel Now
-MAP TO: Myrtle Beach Area for Black Bike Week

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