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Advertising & Promotions Options

LightningCustoms.com offers a lot more than just the basic placement of a small banner ad banner. With our upgraded advertising options, added functionality, and Facebook, we actively drive traffic to your target audience.

If you have banner ads that you are happy with, then great, we will happily use them. If you haven’t put together banners or aren’t sure about the banners you have, our on staff motorcycle marketing consultants with decades of experience will help you without additional charge.

We know in today’s internet world that people want to see larger flyers, pictures and logos. This is why you will see on our Major Motorcycle Rallies and calendar of Motorcycle Rallies pages that we have large flyers, logos and videos whenever they are available.

This is also why we offer more than just small ad banners on the side of our site. Although we have the traditional 150x150 ads, we also have 150x225, 150x300, 468x60, 300x300, and 450x450 ad sizes. For motorcycle rallies, we also offer posting a video on their information page or even creating a media rich page with a large flyer and multiple videos.

A few years ago we created the LightningCustoms.com Motorcycle Pictures Blog to highlight clients’ events and/or products. It gives motorcycle events and companies that currently don’t have a blog a professional looking photo gallery. For those that have a blog this gives them additional branding, product awareness, traffic, and search engine optimization value. In addition to having a blog article with information, a photo gallery and a web banner, we can also add videos to the blog.

Facebook is now an important part of any company’s or event’s advertising and promotions campaign. One reason is that it allows users to post full-size flyers, multiple photos and videos that are right in the middle of a target audiences’ screen and Lightning Customs Facebook page, which has 240,000 riders as Fans. In addition to offering various styles of shares and direct posts on our Facebook, we can also help you manage your Facebook page.

The above options and functionality allow us to actively drive traffic to our clients rather than passively trying to rely on one small banner getting clients the traffic they need. For advertising and promotions rates email us.

Answer to Frequently Asked Question -- "Why do you not have as many events listed as other sites?" The answer, because we don't want to fill our calendar for the sake of having a higher number of events with listings that are basically promotions ("come see our demo fleet", "learn more about motorcycles", open houses, "Free pictures with Santa", etc.), meetings, events that occur more than twice a month (bike nights), and dirt bike events. It makes it difficult to navigate through our site and these types of events you can be found on your local dealerships websites.

If you are looking for additional motorcycle marketing services, we recommend Revolution Motorcycle Marketing.

Contact Us - Sales@LightningCustoms.com

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